Diana (berryswirl) wrote in za_politix,

Thank you to eu4hell who allowed me to cross post this here:

I'd love to have a pen pal from South Africa.
My name's Diana, I'm 21 years old and I live in Bavaria, Germany. I'm fluent in my mother tongue and English (I spent one year and seven months in England and Ireland), and I'm currently learning Spanish. Three more years, and I'll hopefully have my MA in translating and interpreting. It's hard work and there's lots to learn, but it's fun. I enjoy reading good books and drinking cups of tea with milk, and I'm very much into action/adventure and science fiction films, but also watch documentaries. I'm very eager to learn anything and everything about cultures (including languages) other than mine.

I'm the blonde one on the left

Feel free to add me to your f-list and/or drop me an eMail (candyclouds [at] gmx.de). :)
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