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Political Landscape of South Africa

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S O U T H . A F R I C A - news / culture / sports
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Political and General News from South Africa * Best ZA community *

This is the right forum to talk about politics, culture, sports and whatever else there is to praise, admire or deplore in South Africa and her hemisphere. South Africa is the most formidable power on the African continent - treat her with respect.

Talking of which: we are a nice bunch of people, and we like things run smoothly. This community builds on the South African warmth that will greet you every step of the way. When you join, tell us about your connection with South Africa, provide us with info about your neck of the woods and ask away when you have something on your mind. This is primarily - but not exclusively - a political forum. Diverging opinions are welcome, spirited debate is expressively encouraged, as long as we can agree to keep debates civil and even cordial. After all, we all are friends here.

The National Anthem of South Africa

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Photobucket Part of the South African Family of Communities at LJ:
The 2 major sites for South African affairs are:
za_politix: Political and general news + commentary
joburg_za: Focus on Jo'burg, political, sports, culture, arts, music and general news
cape_town: Focus on Western and Eastern Cape as well as Cape Town

afrikaans: The other official language of South Africa
bookcrossing_sa: Books and literature of and in South Africa
durban_za: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape
sa_goths: South African Gothic Community

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This community supports the Democratic Alliance and all its candidates

South Africa is the world's 25th largest country, both in population (48.1mn) and in land area (471,000sqm / 1,221,000sqkm); with 11 official languages
Johannesburg is 'sister city' with New York City since 2003

The official news sources of this community are:
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